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Katie started dancing at the age of 10; training in a variety of styles under the CDTA syllabus. As a competitive dancer she trained with highly respected choreographers and teachers where she received many top mark and special awards at competitions as well as examination’s. Katie continues to take classes and conventions both locally and internationally to

continue to grow as a dancer and a choreographer. One of her favorite places to visit and take class is at Broadway dance center in New York city, where she always leaves feeling refreshed and inspired. She believes that is important to continue to train and work with new choreographers to reach her full potential. Katie has had the opportunity to train with many world-renowned choreographers, some of her favorites being; Alexa Moffett, Victor Smalley, Kevin Mylera and Tiffany Maher. Katie has a fantastic work ethic and overall passion for dance, her creative vision and strive for excellence are what have won her many first place rankings, overall trophies and special awards. Katie has high expectations and is very attentive

to technique, she encourages and motivates students to reach their full potential while bringing out their overall love and passion for dance. Katie will continue to grow throughout her journey as a dancer/choreographer, and to keep following the path to success and chasing her dreams; wherever it may take her.



Amey began her dance training in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia at the age of eight. She has trained in numerous styles, and has always sought out additional dance education at studios such as Broadway Dance Center, Millennium Dance Complex, Movement Lifestyle, Evolution Studios, and The Edge PAC. These experiences have given Amey the opportunity to work closely with highly respected choreographers such as Blake McGrath, Teddy Forance, Nick Lazzarini, and Bobby Newberry. Amey begun choreographing at the age of twelve, and has received many awards and scholarships at events across North America. Since graduating in 2015 with a B.Comm. degree and a major in accounting, Amey has begun doing freelance choreography for studios all over the Maritimes, and teaching at a variety of in-studio intensives. Recently, she was chosen to participate in The Gypsy Project LA, a 7 week intensive program under the direction of Erica Sobol (collidEdance, Lobos Art Collective), the Dana Foglia Dance Training Program, a 6 week intensive under the direction of Dana Foglia (Beyoncé, DFD Company), as well as the upcoming SoulEscape Company Intensive, a 5 week intensive under the direction of Justin Giles (SoulEscape). These programs allowed her to work together alongside an intimate group of artists to learn from instructors such as Jiri Pokorny (Kidd Pivot, NDT), Tilman O’Donnell (Forsythe),Medhi Waterski (NDT), Lisa Ebeyer (Shaping Sound), David Harvey (Alonzo King LINES Ballet), and soon Dana Wilson (Justin Timberlake, The Seaweed Sisters), Will Johnston (Entity Contemporary Dance), Jen Osorio Pendleton (Odyssey Dance Theatre), and Alan Salazar (SoulEscape). Additionally, she performed in the Toronto Dance Teacher Expo fashion show 2015, was named an all-city faculty member for The Entity Tour 2016, and created Elite Dance Productions, a company that offers high quality dance competitions and conventions to dancers in Atlantic Canada. Amey continues to seek                                                                                 out training opportunities in order to fulfill her desire to continuously improve and grow as an artist.



Since the age of six, dance has always played an important part in Zac's life. Born and raised in Sudbury, he is no stranger to the competition world. Trained in all types of dance, Zac has received his Cecchetti ballet exams (Inter-Advanced 2) as well as attending the National Ballet School of Canada. Growing up in a small town with little resources and opportunities, Zac was thrilled to be accepted into the prestigious post secondary training program Conteur Dance Academy, run by artistic director Eryn Waltman in Toronto. Working with the likes of many highly acclaimed choreographers and teachers such as Sheona Bell, Andrew Winghart, Kelly Shaw, Ryan Lee, Julia Cratchley, Eryn Walman and many more. Zac landed his first gig as one of the lead characters in DABDA, a production with a mixture of contemporary dance, fashion and film, held during the Toronto Fringe Festival. After graduating from Conteur, Zac moved back to Sudbury to continue his teaching career. He is currently teaching full time and freelance choreographing for many studios in Northern Ontario as well as judging for numerous dance competitions in Canada. His main objective when teaching students is not only to instil proper technique by using a strong ballet foundation, but to motivate children to dance from the heart.